Equal Payment Plan

The Equal Payment Plan (EPP) is a program for residential customers requesting monthly budget billing.  The EPP is designed to make Residential Customer's monthly payments consistent throughout, a 12-month billing period, leveling out seasonal highs and lows.  You will be billed one-twelfth (1/12) of your annual estimated usage each month.

Level Out Your Monthly Payments

  • How Do I Enroll?

    With Equal Payment Plan (EPP) you can make uniform bill payments to help avoid seasonal fluctuation of payment amounts.  You will be billed one-twelfth (1/12) of your annual estimated usage each month.  Click on the button below to see if whether or not you are eligible for EPP and to calculate your montly payments.

    Note: If you are with a third-party supplier, the budget amount does not include supplier charges.  It will be shown as a separate line item on your bill, and your payment due will include the Payment Plan Amount plus your Supplier Charges.  You may contact your supplier directly to discuss available options for the supply portion of your bill.

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  • What if I'm a New Customer?

    If you are a new customer, your first bill will be an actual bill, but the following bills will be the budget bill amount that is estimated from the billing history of the service address.

  • How Will Equal Payment Plan Show on My Bill?

    Under the Account Summary section, your electric bill will show the kilowatt-hours you've used between meter readings.  It will also show your account balance and your Payment Plan Amount, which is the amount you pay. 

    Your bill also has a section, Equal Payment Plan (EPP) Summary, that shows:

    • Actual Charges Billed During (Number of Months) EPP Months
    • EPP Amount During (Number of Months) EPP Months
    • Difference Between Actual Charges and EPP Amount
  • Why Did the Payment Amount Change this Month?

    To account for your actual household use during the year, accounts are reviewed. At these times, payment amounts might be adjusted, if necessary, to be higher or lower than the payment you've made the previous months.

    Ohio and Pennsylvania

    Customers accounts are reviewed quarterly. 

    New Jersey

    Customer accounts are reviewed in the 8th and 12th months from your anniversary date.

    Anniversary Month

    On the anniversary month of your enrollment, the amount due is adjusted - higher or lower than your usual amount - in order to bring your balance for the year to zero. Then, your account is reviewed annually to ensure the appropriate payment amount for the new plan year.

  • Will My Payment Amount Change After 12 Months?

    During the 12th month of a customers enrollment, an anniversary bill will be presented.  An annual true-up or reconciliation occurs on the anniversary month of the plan.  At the anniversary month, the system releases the balance the customer has accumulated while on the plan.  If the customer has a credit, meaning the EPP amount billed was higher than the actual usage, the credit will apply to the consumption charge at the time of the true-up.  If there is a debit or balance owed, the customer must pay that balance in addition to the current EPP amount for the anniversary month. A bill message on the bill will advise the customer the new Budget amount for the next billing cycle.

  • How Do I Cancel?

    If you would like to uneroll from Equal Payment Plan, click on the button below.  If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to do so.

    Once you unenroll from EPP, we need to bring your account up to date since the amount due will be now based on your monthly usage and not the budgeted amount.  The difference between your actual charges and your budget payments will be applied to your next bill, so your bill may be higher or lower than the budgeted amount.  Please note you do not have to wait until your next bill to make the catch-up payment.  It can be made at any time.

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    If you have any questions, Contact Us.