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Struggling to Pay Your Electric Bill?  We Can Help.

There are many reasons you or someone you know may need help with home energy costs. We understand and can offer a variety of programs to help you budget your monthly payments, pay winter heating bills, catch up on past-due payments, or avoid service disconnection.

See what programs are available in your area and learn about what type of assistance could be available based on your location, household size and income.


  • Payment Assistance Programs
    Dollar Energy Fund Logo

    Dollar Energy Fund (DEF)

    An emergency hardship fund designed to help residential customers who have suffered a recent financial hardship and need temporary help in paying their electric bill. The distribution of funds is administered by community-based organizations throughout the Potomac Edison’s service territory. Program funding is provided by Potomac Edison customers and FirstEnergy shareholders.

    Temporary Emergency Payment Help

    West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources Public Health Logo

    Emergency Assistance Program (EAP)

    Administered by the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) to help eligible customers avoid termination of service. Customers must present a disconnect notice at the county DHHR office. Emergency Assistance is a one-time payment that is applied to the customer's account.

    Help Avoiding Service Termination

    West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources Public Health Logo

    Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP)

    Administered by the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR), Office of Income Maintenance; the program provides assistance to low-income customer whose primary heating source is electric or gas. The program includes LIEAP and Emergency-LIEAP (E-LIEAP) payments. The DHHR accepts applications and awards E-LIEAP to customer who have received a termination notice after applying and qualifying for LIEAP.

    Help Paying Heating Bill

    West Virginia 211 and United Way Logos

    211 Helpline

    This nationwide resource and information helpline will identify programs in your area that may assist you or someone you know with utility bills.

    Program Available Year-Round

  • Special Arrangements

    Extended Due Date

    If you are at least 60 years old or receive a Social Security or pension check, or if you receive disability assistance, and your electric bill is usually due just before your monthly benefit check comes, we can extend your payment due date until after your check arrives.

    Contact: Mon Power - Email or call 800-686-0022

    Payment Arrangements

    If conditions make it difficult to pay your electric bill on time, we can arrange affordable installments to be paid with your monthly bill.  Payment arrangements help maintain your electric service while you make payments more suited to your financial situation.

    To Apply: 

    Third-Party Notification

    Select a third party (a friend, relative, clergy, or social service agency) to be notified, along with yourself, if your electric service is about to be disconnected. The third party is not obligated to pay overdue bills but can remind you of pending disconnection and help you make payment arrangements.

    Contact: Mon Power - Email or call 800-686-0022

    Military Deferred Payment Program

    This program is designed to assist customers who are having financial difficulties because their family members have been called to active military duty. Customers participating in the program may elect to defer paying either all or a part of their monthly electric bill. When the family member in the military service returns home, the account will be reviewed to determine payment arrangements for the balance owed.

    Contact: Mon Power - Email or call 800-686-0022
  • Medical Needs Assistance

    Critical Care Program

    The Critical Care Program identifies customers who use certain electrically operated life sustaining medical equipment in their home. The program helps customers - for whom a service interruption could be immediately life threatening or would make operation of necessary medical or life supporting equipment impossible or impractical - prepare for planned and unplanned power outages. Please call us if someone in your home uses this type of medical equipment.

    Contact: Mon Power - Email or call 800-686-0022

    Medical Certification

    Customers with severe health problems may have a medical professional certify in writing that a termination of electric service would be especially dangerous. Under the WV PSC rules, this certification will not delay or prohibit disconnection of electric service. However, a standard payment agreement for the past due debt on an electric account will delay termination and, if paid in installments as agreed, will prohibit termination. The customer is still responsible for the past-due amount.

    If you or a member of your household have a qualifying medical condition, we have made it easier for your doctor to submit the medical certificates to us by automating the forms online. Please email us or call Customer Service at 800-686-0022 for details on the information your doctor will need to complete the medical form.
  • Additional Information

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