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This User ID and Password will allow you website access to Eligible Customer Lists and Interval Data for Ohio (Illuminating Company, Ohio Edison and Toledo Edison), Pennsylvania (MetEd, Penelec and Penn Power), the Interested Customer List and Interval Data for Maryland (Potomac Edison) and Interval Data for New Jersey (JCPL). In addition, you will have access to the Account Look Up Mechanism for Pennsylvania companies only. You will also have access to all of your Sync Lists.

The User ID and Password Administrator must complete this form and attach to the Contact Supplier Services Web Form. We will assign the User ID and Password to the Administrator only. The Administrator will be responsible for managing the assigned password and the distribution of the password to representatives on your end. The Administrator will also be responsible for any password changes.

A Non-Disclosure Agreement must be executed and returned before a User ID and Password will be issued. See Supplier Registration for additional certification requirements.

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