Effective June 1, 2023 customers enrolled in the Pennsylvania Customer Assistance Program (PCAP) are no longer permitted to shop with a third-party generation supplier. 

Customers will be notified of the change via letters at the beginning of April and again in early May.

PCAP customers have two options -

1. Remain enrolled in PCAP and return to default service on or by June 1, 2023

2. Notify the Company by May 15 to request withdrawal from PCAP in order to remain with a supplier.

PCAP shopping customers who do not respond by May 15 will be dropped from service with a supplier.

Customers will not incur early cancellation or termination fees from suppliers..

Effective January 2022, due to the availability of alternate tools for accessing interval data such as the Single User Multiple Request (SUMR) portal and a System to System Historical Interval Usage (StS HIU) platform, the interval files will no longer be published. If you have questions about access to these alternate tools, please contact FirstEnergy’s Supplier Services department using the link below.  Additionally, if there are interval data needs outside of what is provided via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), SUMR or StS, you can also send a request to the link provided as well.  Please note, Letter of Authorization requirements and charges for requests made via the Contact Us form may apply. contact Supplier Services

This website will provide information to registered suppliers or those interested in participating in the Pennsylvania Electric Choice Market.  

For information regarding Pennsylvania DSP VI, review the latest DSP VI presentation and it's Q&A document.

For information regarding Pennsylvania Customer Referral Program, review the latest PA CRP presentation.

For information regarding Net Metering, review the latest Net Metering presentation.

For information regarding the Pennsylvania Smart Meter Interval Data and the Pennsylvania Supplier Web Portal, review the latest PA Smart Meter Interval Data and PA Web Portal presentation document.

For information regarding Seamless Moves and Instant Connects, review the latest Seamless Moves and Instant Connects presentation document.

For information regarding Accelerated Switching, review the Accelerated Switching presentation document.

For information regarding the PA Smart Meter program, follow the link below:


Click one of the links below for more information. 

For additional inquiries not found on this website, contact Supplier Services or call 330-761-4348.


If you are a third-party electric generation supplier and have an issue or concern, contact:

FirstEnergy Ombudsmen
Nora Arnold and Valerie Maione

Nora Arnold
Phone: 330-315-7372

Valerie Maione
Phone: 330-315-7234