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Historical usage can be requested by a Supplier through the following methods:

Monthly Historical Usage

Monthly historical usage can be requested by a supplier via an EDI 814HU transaction. Usage information requested via 814HU will be returned to the supplier via an EDI 867HU transaction within one business day of receipt of the request.

Since customer usage requests require a signed release from the customer, the operating company assumes the supplier requesting usage information via the EDI 814HU has obtained the necessary approval from the customer.

When monthly historical usage cannot be obtained via EDI, the following Customer Information Authorization requirements must be met.  A member of Supplier services team will process your request in a timely manner (requests will be completed in the order that thet are received.)

Historical Interval Data

Interval data can also be accessed online. The supplier must request a User ID and Password by filling out the Request a new User ID and Password form and providing a copy of their PUCO, PAPUC, BPU or MDPSC license. Once a new User ID and Password is assigned, the supplier will have access to interval data on the web.

If you are not licensed in the state of Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Maryland, to request historical interval data, a Customer Information Authorization form (see below) must be completed and returned to the operating company by attaching to the contact Supplier Services form.  The utility cannot provide customer payment history or a copy of customer invoice.

Maryland Customer Information Authorization

New Jersey Customer Information Authorization

Ohio Customer Information Authorization

Pennsylvania Customer Information Authorization

After the data has been processed and sent, the costs will be calculated and an invoice will be mailed to the billing address of the supplier making the request.


If you have any questions, please contact Supplier Services or call 330-761-4348.


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