As a customer of one of FirstEnergy’s Pennsylvania utilities, there are three components of your service.

  • Generation – The generation electricity that powers your home or business 
  • Transmission – The “superhighway” of the electric system, which channels high-voltage power across long distances from generation sources to local lines serving towns and communities
  • Distribution – The system of lines that delivers electricity to your home


If you look at your electric bill, you’ll see it divided into two parts: charges from FirstEnergy’s Pennsylvania utilities for delivering electricity to your home through the transmission and distribution systems, and a separate charge for the electricity you use.

If you are not currently served by a competitive supplier, your utility has bought electricity for you. You have the option to shop for the electricity you use from a competitive energy supplier just as you shop for other products and services.

If you choose not to shop for a competitive energy supplier, you can continue to rely on your local utility for all elements of electric service, including electricity supply.

You can find more information from the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission at

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