East Germantown-Germantown Reliability Project

MAIT completed an evaluation of the existing electric system in Adams County and identified a need to construct a 115 kilovolt (“kV”) transmission line that will extend from the existing Germantown Substation to the proposed substation named East Germantown Substation. The transmission line will be supported primarily on wood pole structures and occasional steel structures where necessary.

Construction of the new line and substation will improve reliability for customers in the area. Additionally, the project will increase switching opportunities to enable quicker service restoration during outages. This work will accommodate existing and future growth, provide an additional source of electricity to the area, and greatly improve the operational flexibility of the electric system in the project area.

PJM, the regional transmission system operator, and the PJM stakeholders have reviewed the proposed project and have assigned the supplemental upgrade identification number s2409. More information about the project can be found at www.pjm.com.

Project Documents