Transmission Projects


At FirstEnergy, it’s our responsibility to deliver the power our customers depend on in their daily lives. That’s why we’re continuing a major initiative to further upgrade and modernize our transmission system. These investments will benefit the communities we serve by enhancing service reliability across our entire system.

Often considered the “superhighway” of the power grid, the transmission system feeds electricity into our local networks of poles and wires that serve homes and businesses. 

Energizing the Future involves upgrading many of our existing transmission facilities with advanced equipment and technologies that will reinforce the power grid and help prevent or reduce the duration of customer outages. Since 2014, we have upgraded or replaced existing power lines, incorporated new, smart technology into the grid, and upgraded dozens of substations with new equipment and enhanced security features. These upgrades produced reliability improvements across our transmission system. FirstEnergy will continue these investments through 2021, with planned spending of $4.2 to $5.8 billion over the next five years.


Delivering improved electric service to customers


Partnering with local communities


Supporting economic growth

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Last Modified: June 15, 2018