Drone Safety


We understand that accidents happen. 

If your drone gets caught in power lines, or crashes into a utility pole or substation, never attempt to retrieve it yourself. 

Just call 1-888-LIGHTSS and we'll get it back for you.


Fly into the Drone Safety Zone

Test your skills, design your drone and race against other pilots on this electrifying racing adventure.




So, you got your first drone. Now what? 

It’s important to remember that drones can be a lot of fun, but they are not toys. A drone is a real aircraft, and you must know where you’re flying and what potential hazards might be in the area. Here are some drone safety tips that every young pilot should know:

Understand the rules for flying and how to become a licensed pilot. 

Keep your drone at least 200 feet away from power lines, utility poles and substations.

Don’t fly your drone in the dark or bad weather. These conditions make it harder to keep it away from power lines.

Always keep your drone at or below 400 feet—and where you can see it.

Last Modified: July 11, 2022