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Billing Provisions


  • FirstEnergy OH rates change frequently. This online bill calculator contains current rates and is only to be used for your current bill.
  • The online billing calculator will display the time period each charge is active and price per unit. These can be verified in the Companies’ tariff (link available inside the online billing calculator). 
  • The online bill calculator attempts to mimic the calculations performed within the Companies’ enterprise billing system (SAP). Situations mid-bill cycle may result in the online bill calculator providing a different bill amount. Examples of cases where the online bill calculator may not match the customer invoice:
         -  The bill period contains an interruption (e.g., disconnection) in service during the bill period 
         -  Approved price changes mid-bill cycle (tariff)
         -  Initial bill 
        -  Final bill 
        -  Customers with a special contract


Last Modified: March 24, 2023