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This innovative game is based on a bright idea from Mansfield (Ohio) Christian School students Ashley Barnhill, Tiffany Dinsmore, Aryn Kissinger, Nichole Taylor and Stephanie Tsavaris. Under the guidance of their teacher, Kathy Vrooman, this team of students entered our 2003 Electric Safety - It's Watt You Know Multimedia Electric Safety Competition. Looking for a way to energize their peers on the topic of electric safety, the team created a board game they called WATT-U-KNOW, which won the Ohio Grand Prize and was the basis of the enhanced version we're now sharing with all of our educators.

Geared for people ages 8 to adult, the object of the game is to be the first player to collect 50 Watts. Each player starts with 10 Watts and wins or loses more by rolling a die and moving a game piece around the board. Landing on a space that says, "You unplugged the iron when you were finished using it," earns a player five Watts for good electric safety. However, a player who lands on the space marked "You don't have a GFCI outlet in your bathroom," loses three Watts. Worse yet, landing on the space that says, "You stuck your finger in a light socket and got shocked" sends a player to the hospital, where he or she must stay until rolling a three or a five. 
Complete copy of the game's rules.

Another way to gain Watts is to land on a Tip space and pick a Tip card, which provides tips such as how to stay safe in a storm, how to use appliances safely and how to prepare for electrical emergencies. The player must read the Tip card aloud to the group so that everyone can learn about electric safety.

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