Moving? How to Start, Stop or Transfer Your Service Online and More Tools for a Smooth Move

Woman uses her smartphone while moving into a new home.

We know moving can be stressful, but starting, stopping or transferring your electric service doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, our easy-to-use online tools will help you check a box off your to-do list.

Here's What You'll Need

Do you need to turn on power at a new address? Typically, we’ll need two business days to process your request. Visit and have this information handy: 

  • Name of account holder
  • Service address (current and future for existing customers) 
  • Login information (if you’re a current customer transferring service)
  • Contact phone number
  • Email address
  • Mailing address
  • Move-in date (when you want to start or transfer service)
  • Social security number (if you’re a new customer)
  • Meter number or current occupant name (optional)

If you need to stop service at your address, we thank you for being a valued customer. You can easily submit your move-out request online by entering your account details. Please allow at least one business day to process your request. 

We understand that starting, stopping and transferring your electric service request is a critical part of your move, and we’re here to make this process as easy as possible. Learn more and get started.

More Tips and Tools for a Smooth Move

Once you’re settled in your new home, there are some useful programs and tools that can help you manage your electric account and use energy wisely.

Go paperless with eBill

After you set up your online account, you can sign up for other features that help make managing your electric service seamless, including eBill. This allows you to view your bill online, whenever and wherever you want.

You will also have the option to pay your bill electronically and sign up for bill reminders to receive a text and/or email notification up to seven days before your bill is due.

Sign up for outage alerts

We’re always working to provide you with the safe and reliable power you depend on and deserve. When the power does go out, we know you want timely updates. You can sign up for outage alerts to receive a text and/or email when there is scheduled maintenance in your area, as well as restoration updates when you have reported a power outage. You can also register for text messaging to report an outage or request a status update for a reported outage. 

Manage your energy use with the Home Energy Analyzer

Do you want to receive personalized energy efficiency tips for your new home? This simple, convenient tool is built to do just that. Simply sign up for an online account and answer a few questions to gain a better understanding of your household energy use and identify ways to improve your efficiency. 

Explore energy-saving appliances 

Do you need a refrigerator, washing machine or microwave for your new place? When you’re shopping, keep an eye out for the ENERGY STAR® label. This means the product has passed rigorous testing, certifying it has met the strictest standards in energy efficiency. Plus, you may be eligible for appliance rebates in some states. 

Take control of your costs: Shop for electricity

If you live in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland or New Jersey, you can shop for electricity just like you shop for other products and services. When you look at your bill, you’ll find charges divided into two parts: a charge from your electric company for delivering electricity to your home and a separate charge for the actual electricity you use. For the second component, the generation charge, you can shop and choose a competitive energy supplier who can offer the best deal for electricity.

If you are not served by a competitive energy supplier, your electric company is required to purchase electricity for you, and your rate is the Price to Compare (PTC) listed on your monthly bill. You may be able to pay less each month by selecting a supplier that offers a rate lower than the PTC. If you choose not to shop, your local electric company will continue to provide electricity to you at the rate listed as the PTC on your bill.

Keep in mind your rate may change throughout the year based on the terms and conditions of the supplier you choose. You’ll want to review your options carefully to consider the type of rate (fixed or variable), contract length and any fees or termination charges that may apply. 

Now is a great time to review your options so you can select the rate or program that works best for you. Learn more about shopping in your state

See if you qualify for assistance 

We understand customers may be facing financial hardship due to any number of factors that can place a strain on household budgets. Establishing an affordable payment arrangement or obtaining assistance can help keep your balance manageable. 

Visit and use our helpful search tool to see which assistance programs could be available based on your location, household size and income. We can also offer a variety of payment arrangements for customers who qualify. Explore your options


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Last Modified: July 5, 2024