Tips to Beat the Heat this Summer


Summer is officially here and so is the heat that comes with it. As temperatures rise, customers often see higher electric bills as they depend on their cooling systems to beat the heat. 

There are simple ways to use less energy without sacrificing comfort. Follow these tips to stay cool and help keep bills manageable: 

  1. Check air filters: Filters should be replaced a minimum of every three months. Dirty filters force your cooling system to work even harder, using more energy in the process.

  2. Invest in a smart thermostat: A programmable thermostat can automatically adjust the temperature in your home based on a set schedule. Increasing the temperature while you’re away can help reduce your energy use. 

  3. Use blinds, drapes or window covers: Direct sunlight will warm up your home. Close drapes or blinds on windows facing the sun to prevent direct radiant heating from impacting interior temperatures.

  4. Minimize heat in the home: Avoid using heat-producing appliances during the hottest times of the day, which can make your AC work harder. Take advantage of your outdoor grill instead of the stove or oven and use other appliances during the early morning or evening hours.

  5. Open windows at night: If you live in an area where nights are cooler and less humid, give your cooling system a break by opening the windows to let in a nice breeze. 

  6. Set fans counterclockwise: This creates a downdraft that pushes cool air down. Be sure to turn fans off when you leave the room – fans cool people, not rooms. 

  7. Use ventilation strategies: Bathrooms and laundry rooms are great spots for ventilation fans to help remove heat and humidity. Just be sure they are pointed to the outside. 

  8. Weatherproof your home: Look around for any openings or cracks around doors and windows. Caulk, weatherstrip or seal any areas that could be letting in hot air. 

  9. Close up unused rooms: Close cooling vents and turn off window air conditioners in unused rooms. Keep doors to unused rooms closed.

  10. Stock your fridge: Keep refrigerators and freezers as full as possible. Frozen or cold items in the refrigerator help keep other items cool, reducing the amount of work the refrigerator must do to maintain a lower temperature.

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Last Modified: September 5, 2023