It's National Electrical Safety Month!

National Electrical Safety Month

Electricity is an invisible force that plays an outsized role in our lives. Usually, we take its reliability for granted. It feels automatic. You don’t have to think much about electricity because FirstEnergy thinks about it for you, around the clock, 365 days a year.

There’s one aspect of electricity, however, that we do want you to remember every day – safety. We make safety our top priority while maintaining the system that delivers power to homes and businesses, and we encourage you to make safety a priority while working and living around electrical equipment.

May is Electrical Safety Month, and it’s an ideal time to reflect on ways to keep safe around electricity. Throughout the month, we’ll be sharing stories about our focus on safety and providing tips you can use to assure your safety around electricity, whether you’re outside working in the yard or inside your home. We’ll also talk about safety for police and fire forces who may be first to an emergency where electric service needs to be managed.

Our 12,000 employees in six states work tirelessly to keep our system up and running, making repairs as quickly and safely as possible to keep your lights on, your workplaces running and your streets lit. Each of those employees knows how strong our safety culture is at FirstEnergy. Safety is the first and last thing we talk about in every meeting. It’s the first thing we’re concerned with after a storm blows through. We work hard to assure that every employee goes home safe every day.

We hope you’ll join our commitment to safety for the benefit of your families and our communities. 

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Last Modified: May 1, 2020