Trees are a leading cause of electrical power outages. In fact when trees and power lines touch it is a very dangerous situation and may even be deadly to anyone in close proximity.
To help ensure reliable and safe electric service, FirstEnergy's Vegetation Management Program works to keep our transmission and distribution rights-of-way free of incompatible trees and other vegetation.

Professional vegetation management crews assess each situation to determine the best approach to prevent trees from interfering with electrical facilities. Based on this assessment, they may use power saws, EPA-approved herbicides, mechanical equipment, or a combination of methods to control the vegitation.

Compatible shrubs that do not interfere with electric facilities are not disturbed. A diverse mixture of grasses, low growing shrubs and other ground cover preferred by birds, deer and small animals promote a thriving wildlife habitat. In this way, well-managed electric rights-of-way provide food and cover wildlife need to survive.

Last Modified: June 5, 2015