Question: I would like to obtain information on transformers located on or near a particular property.

Response: Under the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s rules (found in 40 CFR 761.2(a)(2)), electrical equipment manufactured after July 2, 1979, is assumed to be non-PCB. This means that the oil in the unit contains less than 50 parts per million PCB. Any electrical equipment that was manufactured before July 2, 1979, and whose PCB concentration has not been established through testing, is presumed to be PCB-Contaminated Electrical Equipment, containing more than 50, but less than 500, parts per million PCB. FirstEnergy has taken steps to reduce the amount of PCB's in our system. Since the 1980s, we have voluntarily removed units whose known concentrations of PCB exceeded 50 PPM. We have done this in most of our plants and substation and from areas where food and feed are stored, processed and served. We also took steps to remove PCBs from commercial buildings and other areas with high public exposure.

In the event that a release occurs from a piece of equipment that contains any concentration of PCBs, we will follow all of the applicable federal and state requirements to clean up the release.

Question: I would like more information about the EMF levels associated with power lines near my house. Any info you can send me would be very much appreciated.

Response:  Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are naturally occurring in the environment and can be found in the earth’s interior and in the human body. EMFs are generated essentially anywhere where there is a flow of electricity, including electrical appliances and power equipment.  Electric fields are associated with the voltage of the source; magnetic fields are associated with the flow of current in a wire. The strength of these fields decreases rapidly with distance from the source. For more information, you may want to reference the following federal government website that addresses EMF questions: www.niehs.nih.gov. FirstEnergy has also prepared a brochure that discusses EMF and health. Learn more by reading our EMF brochure.  

If you have additional questions, please contact us.

Question: What type of fuel is used to generate my electricity? I would like to know the kind of fuel and where it comes from. Can you tell me which plants provide my electricity?

Response: FirstEnergy utilities deliver power from the regional grid that encompasses several states. Your house draws power from that grid, therefore, there is no way to know exactly where your power is coming from. 

Question: I am a contractor or vendor that is interested in providing environmental services or products to FirstEnergy and its facilities.

Response:  All contractors or vendors wishing to do business with FirstEnergy need to contact FirstEnergy’s Supply Chain Department. As part of the process, perspective contractors or vendors will need to complete a Vendor Qualification Statement. This statement will be provided by FirstEnergy’s Supply Chain Department upon your request.