Customer Referral Program


In an effort to encourage choice, the Pennsylvania state utility commission has made available a Customer Referral Program. Through this program Energy Generation Suppliers (EGS) offer a 12-month fixed price that is set at 7 percent below the Utility’s current Price-To-Compare (PTC). It is offered to West Penn Power, Penn Power, Met-Ed and Penelec non-shopping residential and small commercial customers.

Program Details

The Customer Referral Program provides customers with the opportunity to switch their generation supply to an alternative supplier with a fixed price that will be set at 7% below the Electric Distribution Companies (EDC) current Price-To-Compare default service rate at the time of enrollment. This fixed rate will stay the same and will remain in place for 12 months.

The Utilities PTC changes quarterly in March, June, September and December. The PTC may be higher or lower in future quarters and, the percentage savings a customer will experience compared to utilities supplied generation will vary as the PTC changes. 

There are no early termination fees, the customer has the right to drop out of the program at any time during their 12-month contract with the supplier without penalty.

If a supplier suspends participation, it must continue to serve the customers already signed up until they have completed 12 billing cycles.

How Does It Work?

When a customer calls into the FirstEnergy Contact Center, for a Move-In, high billing question, or a question on Energy Choice, and are eligible, they will be offered the Customer Referral Program.  If the customer decides to participate in this program, he/she will be transferred to our third party vendor to select a supplier from one of the participating suppliers.  If the customer doesn’t have a specific supplier in mind, one is randomly selected giving each supplier an opportunity for a referral.